Shivaji Satam

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ACP Pradyuman || Happy Birthday Shivaji Satam

Shivaji Satam (born April 21, 1950) is a well-known film actor. He is presently living in India. Satam is most known for his roles in Marathi and Hindi films, including Uttarayan, Ghulam-E-Mustafa, and Taxi Number 9211. He is also a popular television actor, well known for his role as ACP Pradyuman on Sony Entertainment Television’s C.I.D.

Shivaji Satam

Shivaji Satam Career

Shivaji Satham, a veteran of almost 50 films and a famous television personality, is considered one of the industry’s Finest actors.

Shivaji finished high school and went on to further his education in physics. He received his bachelor’s degree in physics before going on to pursue business administration. He had always wanted to perform, but financial problems in his family forced him to wait until he was financially secure before pursuing his dream.

Shivaji Satham joined the Central Bank of India after getting his bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a diploma in business administration. Being attracted by theatre, he first participated in the interbank stage competition, where his skill was discovered.

Shivaji Satam

He began acting in a variety of Marathi plays in his hometown. He also competed in inter-bank theatrical competitions, attracting the notice of well-known Marathi theatre actor Bal Dhuri.

He has had a keen interest in performing from childhood and has also performed in Marathi plays in college. He was also good at cricket. He would have been a cricketer if he hadn’t been an actor. When Shivaji Satam was 17, he was part of a massive play in his college.

Shivaji Satam’s height is 5 feet 6 inches and his weight is 74 kg. Shivaji’s first break came from an inter-bank play when the producer spotted his acting abilities. Shivaji Satam’s birthday is a big occasion for the entire CID team.

He made his television debut in 1980 with the famous show Rishte-Naate. Eight years later, he appeared in another TV program called Historical Cases of India, where he played NC.Kelkar, Lokmanya Tilak’s right hand man. Since then, he has mostly appeared in films, Marathi serials, and plays.

He appeared in the popular Marathi program Ek Shunya Shunya, directed by CID director B P.Singh. He has gained widespread recognition for his appearances in blockbuster Hindi films such as Vaastav, Kurukshetra, and 100 Days.

Shivaji Satam

Despite appearing in so many films, Shivaji has become a household name because of his role as ACP Pradyuman in the renowned criminal investigation series CID. CID is India’s longest-running crime series.

Shivaji Satam is an Indian television actor also known for his portrayal as ‘ACP Pradyuman’ in the long-running Indian television series ‘C.I.D.’ He was born and reared in Bombay, where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in physics and a certification in business administration. He eventually started applying for television and film jobs. In 1988, he made his cinematic debut, playing a minor role (as a doctor) in the film ‘Pestonjee.’

The same year, he made his Marathi television debut in the serial ‘Ek Shunya Shunya.’ His cinematic career took off in the mid-to late-1990s, with supporting appearances in films like as ‘Yeshwant,’ ‘Ghulam-E-Mustafa,’ ‘Yugpurush,’ and ‘Sooryavansham.’ The 1999 film ‘Vaastav’ was a watershed moment in his career.

Shivaji Satam made his Bollywood debut in 1987 with the film ‘Pestonjee,’ in which he portrayed a doctor. After a lengthy absence, he was seen in Nana Patekar’s superhit film ‘Yeshwant’. ‘Gulam-e-Mustafa’ (1997), ‘Vinashak’ (1998), ‘Yugpurush’ (1998), ‘China Gate’ (1998), ‘Wajood’ (1998), ‘Hu Tu Tu’ (1999), ‘Daag’ (1999), ‘Sooryavansham’ (1999), and ‘Vaastav’ (1999) are some additional Shivaji Satam films (1999).

Among his films are “Pukaar” (2000), “Baaghi” (2000), “Nidaan” (2000), “Jis Desh Mein Ganga Reheta Hai” (2000), “Kurukshetra” (2000), “Jodi No 1” (2001), “Ehsaa” (2001), “Nayak” (2001), “Pitaah” (2002), “Hathyaar” (2006).

Shivaji collaborated with Nana Patekar once more for the crime thriller ‘Ghulam-E-Mustafa,’ in which he played a caring father. The film earned favorable reviews and was a box office triumph. It also established Shivaji as a suitable actor for the role of a weak, law-abiding parent.

In 1998, he reunited with Nana Patekar for the film ‘Yugpurush.’ The unconventional picture, which also starred Jackie Shroff, was notable for its odd premise and passionate performances. Shivaji’s performance as ‘Paresh’ was also well-praised.

The very same year, he played another significant role in the film ‘China Gate.’ The film also included famous Bollywood celebrities like Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, and Amrish Puri. In the film, Shivaji portrayed the character of a local “sarpanch.”

Shivaji landed what was likely the most popular role of his career in the late 1990s. In 1998, he was cast as ‘ACP Pradyuman’ in the police procedural crime drama series ‘C.I.D.’ The series focused on the inner workings of a group of law enforcement officers led by Shivaji’s character.

Shivaji Satam

The series lasted 20 years and became one of the most popular shows on Indian television. Shivaji became well-known as a harsh lawman who was portrayed as incredibly smart and knowledgeable.

His performance in ‘C.I.D.’ got him the “Finest Actor in Lead Role” title at the 2002 ‘Indian Telly Awards.’ He has also received the “Greatest Actor” award at the “Maharashtra State Film Awards” for his parts in the Marathi films “Ek Hoti Vadi” and “Dhyaani Mani.”

Shivaji Satam family

Shivaji Satam was married to actor Aruna Satam. The couple divorced in 2000. They have two sons, Abhijeet and Anirudh Satam. Shivaji Satam had an arranged marriage. Shivaji Satam’s mother recommended to Shivaji Satam’s father the ideal spouse for Shivaji.

She was the daughter of Shivaji Satam’s buddy and exclusively belonged to the Maratha community. She was a state-level Kabaddi player who had received the “Chhatrapati Award.

Shivaji Satam

Aruna Satam, his wife, died of breast cancer in the year 2000. Shivaji gets upset when talking about his wife on TV programs and during award ceremonies. This captures the core of his undying love for his wife. Shivaji Satam’s children have grown up. Before passing away, Aruna left behind two boys. Both of his boys have chosen the stage and are content with their lives. His son, Abhijeet Satam, is a Marathi film producer.

Shivaji Satam Age

Shivaji Satam, who is 72 years, 11 months, and 30 days old, will be 73 on April 21, 2023. His next birthday is today.

Shivaji Satam Net Worth

Shivaji Satam‘s source of wealth comes from being a movie actor. He made 01 million Dollars with Bardaasht, Haapus, and C.I.D.

A Special Birthday Wishes to ACP Pradyuman

On this Special day, I would like to extend my warmest birthday greetings to you! As a fan of your incredible talent and contributions to your field, I feel honored to be able to celebrate this special occasion with you.

I hope this year brings you even more success, joy, and happiness than the last. May you continue to inspire and touch the lives of many people with your artistry and creativity. May you achieve all of your goals and dreams, and may you always find fulfillment in your work.

Shivaji Satam

As you blow out the candles on your cake, may you be surrounded by love, laughter, and positivity. May your family, friends, and fans shower you with endless love and admiration. You are a true inspiration to so many, and we are all lucky to have you in our lives.

Once again, Happy Birthday! Wishing you a day filled with Love, Laughter, and Blessings.

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