70s Bollywood Diva

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You guessed it right; I am talking about Legendary Mumtaz (Actress)

70s Bollywood Diva: In today’s Article under the “Old is Gold”, Segment we explore the fascinating history of Mumtaz, one of Bollywood’s classic beauties. Mumtaz’s journey from starting from nothing to her current position as the Bollywood Queen is evidence of her persistent brilliance and strong attitude. Come along with us as we walk you through each of her life’s chapters, highlighting the successes and setbacks that helped her become the legendary person she is known for today.

70s Bollywood Diva


70s Bollywood Diva: Indian actress Mumtaz Askari Madhvani has experience in Hindi cinema. She has won two Filmfare Awards and is recognized as one of the best actresses in Hindi films. Actress Mumtaz made her screen debut in Sone Ki Chidiya (1958) at the age of 11. She went on to play supporting roles in movies such as Sehra (1963) and Stree (1961).

Movies such as Bandhan (1969), Aadmi Aur Insaan (1969), Sachaa Jhutha (1970), Khilona (1970), Tere Mere Sapne (1971), Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971), Apna Desh (1972), Loafer (1973), Jheel Ke us Par (1973), Chor Machai Shor (1974), Aap Ki Kasam (1974), Roti (1974), Prem Kahani (1975) and Naagin (1976) played important roles in cementing her status as one of the most prominent actresses.

Recently, a video of Mumtaz and Singer Asha Bhosle dancing to their classic song from the 1970s, “Koi Sehri Babu,” went viral on social media. The song is from the Loafer movie from 1973. Asha Bhosle is shown receiving step instructions from Mumtaz in the video. Netizens have expressed great appreciation for the video. Enjoy this video that Bollywood Direct shared on Twitter.

Mumtaz (actress) has supported breast cancer patients and participated in the documentary 1 a Minute (2010).

70s Bollywood Diva: Mumtaz Childhood

70s Bollywood Diva: Mumtaz Askari Madhvani was born on 31 July 1947, in Bombay, India.  Her parents were Shadi Habib Agha, originally from Mashhad, Iran, and Abdul Salim Askari, a dry fruit merchant. Mumtaz was born, and they divorced within a year of each other. Mumtaz has a younger sister, Mallika, who was married to Indian actor and wrestler Randhawa, who is Dara Singh‘s younger brother. Actress Mumtaz made her screen debut in Sone Ki Chidiya (1958) at the age of 11. She went on to play supporting roles in movies such as Sehra (1963) and Stree (1961).

70s Bollywood Diva

Mumtaz Struggling Phase

70s Bollywood Diva: Despite her popularity, Mumtaz faced challenges, especially during the last years of her career. New faces appeared and the dynamics of the film industry shifted as it developed. Mumtaz found it difficult to acquire important projects, and opportunities became comparatively rare.

Mumtaz decided to stand aside from her acting career at the beginning of the 1980s. After marrying businessman Mayur Madhvani, she turned her attention to starting a family. A major turning point in Mumtaz’s life was when she chose to put her personal life ahead of her work.

Despite having ups and downs in her acting career, Mumtaz remains recognized as a popular character in Bollywood history. Fan appreciation for her work in Indian cinema, especially at the height of her career, is still going great. Mumtaz’s talent and elegance made an enduring mark on the profession, despite her challenges.

70s Bollywood Diva

Mumtaz Career at Peak

70s Bollywood Diva: Mumtaz’s career as an actress peaked in the 1960s and 1970s when she became one of Bollywood’s top actresses. At the height of Mumtaz’s career, some of the major highlights were as follows:

Iconic Pairing with Rajesh Khanna: Mumtaz became well-known due to her on-screen chemistry with Khanna. Together, the pair starred in several popular movies, such as “Do Raaste” (1969), “Bandhan” (1969), and “Sachaa Jhutha” (1970). The public embraced their partnership, which helped Mumtaz become a huge success.

Performs a Variety of Roles: Mumtaz demonstrated her acting ability by assuming several parts in comedies and romantic dramas. She was well-known for her emotive performances and showed a natural talent for acting.

Award-Winning Roles: Mumtaz’s performances in several films brought her praise from critics and awards. For her performance as a mentally handicapped woman in “Khilona” (1970), she was awarded the Filmfare Best Actress Award. Many people consider this to be one of her best performances to date.

Commercial Success: During this time, Mumtaz made several critically and commercially successful films. At the box office, films like “Aap Ki Kasam” (1974), “Roti” (1974), and “Prem Kahani” (1975) did great.

Fashion & Style Icon: During her prime, Mumtaz’s sense of style and fashion gained international recognition. Fans tried to imitate her hairstyles and fashion choices because she was well-known for her trend-setting outfits.

International Recognition: Mumtaz became well-known throughout the world because of her popularity, which cut across national borders. Her films were well-received in many foreign markets in addition to India.

At the height of her career, Mumtaz’s performances demonstrated both her acting talent and her audience-connection skills. She was a major force in Bollywood during this period, and her legacy in Indian cinema history is one of love and affection.

Mumtaz Husband / Mumtaz Family

70s Bollywood Diva: The following information belongs to Mumtaz’s family.

70s Bollywood Diva

Husband: Mayur Madhvani is Mumtaz’s spouse. In 1974, the couple tied the knot. Mayur Madhvani is a businessman from Uganda.

Children: Tanya and Natasha are Mumtaz and Mayur Madhvani’s two daughters. Tanya and Natasha lived a very private life.

Retirement and Personal Life: Following her marriage in the early 1980s, Mumtaz decided to take a step back from her performing career. She decided to put her family’s needs first, and ever since, she has maintained a more private and focused existence.

Residence: Mumtaz spent most of her post-retirement years in London. In addition, the family has connections to Uganda, the home of Mayur Madhvani’s business interests were based.

70s Bollywood Diva

Mumtaz Awards

70s Bollywood Diva: The veteran Bollywood actress Mumtaz was recognized for her contributions to Indian cinema with multiple accolades and nominations. The following are a few significant awards she received:

Filmfare Awards

Best Actress: Mumtaz played a mentally handicapped woman in the 1970 film “Khilona,” for which she received the Filmfare Award for Best Actress. Many people think that she gave one of her most memorable and well-received performances in this role.

Other Awards

During the height of her career, Mumtaz was bestowed with numerous additional accolades and prizes for her exceptional contributions to Hindi cinema. In 1996, she also received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award. She was awarded the IIFA Honorary Award for Outstanding Contribution by an Indian in Cinema in 2008.


70s Bollywood Diva: The legendary Bollywood actress Mumtaz had a successful and significant career in the 1960s and 1970s. Her famous popularity in Indian film can be attributed to her unique performances and her on-screen partnership with Rajesh Khanna. Mumtaz won a Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her performance in “Khilona,” which garnered her significant praise from critics.

Even after overcoming challenges and choosing to leave her acting career in the early 1980s, Mumtaz is still regarded as a beloved character in Bollywood history. During her prime, she became a fashion and style symbol, thus her influence goes beyond the screen.

In her personal life, Mumtaz wed Mayur Madhvani, a businessman; the two of them have two kids. Mumtaz made a big life adjustment when she decided to put her family above her job.

Although precise information regarding Mumtaz’s wealth may not be easily accessible, her influence on Indian cinema cannot be disputed. She is still regarded as one of the legendary actresses who made a substantial contribution to Bollywood’s era thanks to her everlasting impact.

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