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Dhanush’s Captain Miller OTT releasing on 9th Feb – Amazon Prime.

Captain Miller on Amazon: We are exploring the latest film today, “Captain Miller,” which will be Streaming on Amazon Prime on February 9. Starring roles in this movie masterpiece are played by Dhanush, Priyanka Arul Mohan, Shiva Rajkumar, and Aditi Balan. The story follows the journey of an ex-soldier in the British Army who becomes an outlaw and joins up with a group of rebels fighting the British government.

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Captain Miller on Amazon

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Captain Miller

Captain Miller, a recent Bollywood film, made its debut on 12 January 2024. This remarkable action-adventure movie is set in the era of 1930s-1940s in British India. The plot revolves around a former British Army soldier who transforms into an outlaw and joins a group of revolutionaries fighting against the British regime.

Dhanush, Shiva Rajkumar, Priyanka Arul Mohan, and Aditi Balan portray the lead characters in this film. Arun Matheswaran directs the movie, which is produced by Sathya Jyothi Films. Captain Miller has garnered positive feedback from both critics and audiences, amassing a worldwide box office collection of ₹104.79 Crores.

Captain Miller on Amazon

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Captain Miller on Amazon: Captain Miller Cast

Here are some of the main actors and their roles in the movie:

Dhanush as Analeesan “Easa” / Captain Miller: He is an ex-soldier of the British Army who transforms into an outlaw and aligns himself with a band of revolutionaries engaged in a battle against the British. Serving as the central character in the movie, he assumes the role of the rebels’ leader.

Shiva Rajkumar as Sengannan alias Sengolan: Eesa’s older sibling, a valiant freedom fighter, stands against the British dominion. Tragically, he meets his demise through a public execution carried out by the British forces. This heart-wrenching event serves as a catalyst for Eesa, inspiring him to actively participate in the revolution.

Priyanka Arul Mohan as Velmathi: Being a doctor and belonging to a royal family, she develops a deep affection for Eesa. She wholeheartedly backs his cause and actively assists him in his endeavors.

Aditi Balan as Shakunthala: She is an undercover journalist and spy, dedicated to the cause of the revolutionaries. Her mission involves infiltrating the British camp, discreetly collecting valuable information for Eesa and his team.

Sundeep Kishan as Captain Rafiq: He serves as a comrade and ally to Eesa in the British Army. Assisting Eesa in eluding the army, he eventually becomes a member of his insurgent faction.

Edward Sonnenblick as Andrew Wandy: He serves as a British officer and assumes the role of the primary antagonist in the movie. Displaying a ruthless and cruel demeanor, his sole objective is to quash the rebellion by any means necessary.

John Kokken as the prince: The ruler of a princely state, he aligns himself with the British as their ally. His insatiable greed and corruption are evident as he shamelessly exploits his own people.

Captain Miller on Amazon

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Captain Miller Plot Summary

  • The film commences with Eesa’s mother recounting the history of their village and its Shiva temple, wherein a concealed statue of Ayyanar Koranar is interred. The villagers, who belong to tribal communities, face discrimination from both the kings and the British.
  • Eesa, a young man yearning for respect and an escape from his village, aspires to join the British Army. However, his elder brother Sengolan, a freedom fighter, opposes his decision and endeavors to dissuade him. 

Captain Miller on Amazon

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  • During his journey, Eesa encounters Velmathi, a doctor and princess, and falls deeply in love with her. Nevertheless, he later discovers that she reciprocates the affections of another and decides to part ways with her.
  • Eesa eventually enlists in the army and is given the name Miller. He befriends Rafiq and Stephen, two fellow soldiers. Their general issues an order to shoot innocent protesters, led by none other than Sengolan. Reluctantly, Eesa complies with the command, only to be horrified when he discovers his brother among the casualties.
  • Eesa, filled with grief and despair, takes the life of the general and contemplates ending his own. However, Rafiq intervenes and urges him to abandon the army and return to his village. Eesa heeds his advice and makes his way back, only to discover a desolate and charred landscape left behind by the British. The villagers, burdened with sorrow and anger, reject him, holding him responsible for his brother’s demise and the devastation of their sacred temple.
  • In a twist of fate, Eesa encounters a group of revolutionaries under attack by the British. Moved by their plight, he decides to join their cause and assumes the identity of Captain Miller, becoming their fearless leader. Determined to seek justice for his brother and his village, Eesa rallies his comrades and embarks on a mission of vengeance. Amidst this journey, he is reunited with Velmathi, who confesses her enduring love for him and stands by his side in support of their shared cause.
  • Together, Eesa and his team devise a daring plan to seize a train laden with weapons and explosives from the clutches of the British. Their efforts are bolstered by the assistance of Shakunthala, a journalist and spy who works covertly for their cause. Against all odds, they successfully hijack the train, but their triumph is short-lived as they find themselves relentlessly pursued by Andrew Wandy, a merciless British officer who serves as the primary antagonist in this gripping tale.
  • Eesa and his team arrive at a bridge with the intention of detonating the explosives, targeting both the train and the British soldiers. However, their plans are foiled by the prince, a corrupt ruler who is in alliance with the British. The prince captures Velmathi and issues a threat to kill her unless Eesa surrenders.

Captain Miller on Amazon

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  • In a selfless act, Eesa decides to sacrifice himself and his team to save Velmathi and further the revolution. He triggers the explosives, resulting in the destruction of the bridge, the train, and the British soldiers. During this process, he also eliminates the prince and Wandy. Eesa ultimately breathes his last in Velmathi’s embrace, while she mourns and pays her respects.
  • The movie concludes with a voice-over from Eesa’s mother, who declares that Eesa and his team have become martyrs and legends for their people. She reveals that the statue of Ayyanar Koranar, which was recovered from the debris, has been placed in the temple and is now worshipped by the villagers. She asserts that Eesa’s spirit lives on within the statue and within the hearts of the people.

Dhanush Experience

Dhanush, the lead actor of the film Captain Miller, portrays the character of Analeesan, also known as Eesa or Miller. The movie revolves around the journey of a former British soldier who transforms into a rebel leader, fighting against the British rule in India. Dhanush has shared his thoughts and experiences regarding the film in various interviews and media platforms.

He expressed his immense excitement to collaborate with Arun Matheswaran, the director of the movie. Dhanush considers Arun to be a genius and a visionary, praising his clear vision for the story and characters. The actor wholeheartedly trusted Arun’s artistic direction throughout the filming process.

Dhanush expressed his admiration for his co-stars, particularly Shiva Rajkumar, who portrayed his elder brother Sengolan in the film. He described Shiva Rajkumar as a legendary and humble individual, from whom he gained valuable knowledge. Additionally, he mentioned his excellent chemistry with Priyanka Arul Mohan, who portrayed his love interest Velmathi.

Dhanush disclosed that he underwent a physical transformation for the movie, as he had to portray three distinct appearances: a villager, a soldier, and a rebel. He explained that he had to undergo weight loss, muscle gain, and grow a beard to fit the role. Furthermore, he mentioned that he had to acquire skills in horse riding, sword fighting, and gun shooting for the action sequences.

Dhanush expressed his immense pride in the film, considering it a remarkable political drama conveying a powerful message. He emphasized that the movie effectively tackled the pressing matters of caste discrimination, land rights, and the struggle for freedom, which remain pertinent in contemporary times. Furthermore, he highlighted that the film served not only as a source of entertainment but also as an enlightening experience for the viewers.

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