Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi

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Lawrence Bishnoi has given a death threat to Salman Khan.

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who is currently in jail, has recently given an Exclusive interview with ABP News, that the only motto in his life is to kill Salman Khan or Salman Tender an Apology.

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi

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Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi said that he has been meditating and engaging in a lot of spiritual activities while in prison for the past 15 years. He claims that has found the path of Dharma and that the only purpose of his life is to kill Salman Khan. He said that he is prepared to accept any punishment the court gives because he believes that by taking revenge for Salman Khan’s death of the two blackbucks, he is behaving responsibly.

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi also revealed that he is not scared of anyone, not even Salman Khan. He believes that his mission will be successful and that he will get justice for the blackbucks. He has requested the public to support him in his mission and has urged everyone to fight against injustice.

He has been issuing threats to the Bollywood actor for some time now, asking him to apologize for the killing of two blackbucks or face consequences. Lawrence seems to be committed to pursuing revenge and will not stop until he gets justice. Lawrence Bishnoi targeted Salman Khan by saying that the actor has hurt the sentiments of his community by shooting a blackbuck.

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi

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Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi discloses that the case of the blackbucks’ killing by Salman Khan dates to 1998 when the Bollywood actor and four of his co-stars had gone on a hunting expedition near Jodhpur, Rajasthan. During the expedition, two blackbucks were found to have been killed by the group. The forest department registered a case against the five accused and they were charged with the offense of hunting a protected species. The Rajasthan High Court eventually cleared Salman Khan in July 2016.

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, a gangster from the Bishnoi community, was not satisfied with the court’s judgment and has been issuing threats to Salman Khan to apologize for the killing of the two blackbucks or face consequences. Lawrence has recently revealed in an interview that the only goal in his life is to kill Salman Khan and he is ready to face any punishment that the court gives him.

Recent Updates, in this case, are that the Supreme Court has refused to entertain the plea of the Bishnoi community challenging the acquittal of Salman Khan in the blackbuck poaching case. The High Court’s decision to clear Khan in the case was being challenged by the Bishnoi community’s lawyer, who presented his case before the Supreme Court.

This shows that there is not much that Lawrence Bishnoi can do in this matter and that he will have to accept the court’s decision to acquit Salman Khan. Salman Khan has not yet reacted to Lawrence’s demand for an apology, and it is uncertain whether the actor would give the demands any attention.

Police Statement in this Case

The police have stated that they are aware of Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s threat to Bollywood actor Salman Khan and have been monitoring the situation closely. They have warned people from making any crucial decisions and warned them that anyone who wants to enforce their own laws would be punished harshly. They have also asked those in the Bishnoi community to not be provoked by Lawrence’s statements and to remain calm.

The public is also requested by the police to respect the court’s order and avoid engaging in any criminal activity. They have finally committed themselves to follow the rules to ensure justice is done in this matter.

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Judicial Initiative in this case

The court has also urged the public to follow its ruling and avoid any drastic actions. The court has further warned of strict punishments for anyone who tries to enforce the law on their own.


It can be concluded that the judicial initiative, in this case, has been to uphold the High Court’s order of acquitting Salman Khan in the blackbuck poaching case. After this, Salman Khan has Y+ Security which is given by the Maharashtra Government.

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s demand for an apology from Salman Khan is yet to be heard and it remains to be seen if the actor will consider the request or not.

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