Hollywood Releases This Week

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Upcoming 2 New Hollywood Movies in this Week

Hollywood Releases This Week: We reviewed two recently released Hollywood films in further detail in the article that follows, providing you with all the information you would be interested in knowing. The information presented here is especially relevant to you if you enjoy viewing Hollywood movies. We have not only discussed the films; instead, we have explored several topics, such as the plot, the actors, and any unique features that set these pictures apart. Our goal is to provide you a comprehensive overview so you can decide for yourself whether or not these films are worth your time. We sincerely hope the exploration is instructive and pleasant for you. We would be delighted to hear your ideas, so please don’t hesitate to share with us your cinematic experiences!

The two Hollywood films that are out this week, Napoleon and Wish, have the following fascinating facts about them:

1. Napoleon:

Ridley Scott’s epic historical drama picture features Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte and Vanessa Kirby as his first wife and empress, Josephine de Beauharnais. The movie shows Napoleon’s ascent to stardom and his turbulent marriage to Josephine.

2. Wish

Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn are the directors of the Walt Disney Animation Studios-produced animated musical fantasy picture Wish. Ariana DeBose plays Asha in the movie, a 17-year-old girl whose request is granted by a celestial entity known as Star.

The film is inspired by Disney’s centennial, which combines the primary theme of wishes coming true present in most Disney works. It has also been referred to as the wishing star’s origin narrative.

Hollywood Releases This Week: Napoleon

Napoleon is an upcoming Hollywood film directed by Ridley Scott, featuring Joaquin Phoenix in the role of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor. Napoleon’s ascent to prominence and his marriage to Empress Josephine, portrayed by Vanessa Kirby, will be portrayed in the film. Columbia Pictures and Apple Original Films plan to release the film in the United States and the United Kingdom on November 22, 2023.

Hollywood Releases This Week

Napoleon Cast

David Scarpa and Ridley Scott are the directors of the 2023 epic historical drama film Napoleon Hollywood. Napoleon Bonaparte is portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, and Josephine de Beauharnais, his first wife and empress, is portrayed by Vanessa Kirby.

The movie shows Napoleon’s ascent to prominence and his terrible marriage to Josephine.

Tahar Rahim, who played French general Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte before becoming King of Sweden, is among the other cast members.

Ben Miles plays British general Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, who is Napoleon’s opponent.

Napoleon’s younger sister Pauline Bonaparte, is a scandalous socialite, played by Ludivine Sagnier.

As King of Holland and younger brother of Napoleon, Louis Bonaparte is portrayed by Matthew Needham.

Muhammad Ali Pasha, the Ottoman administrator of Egypt who rebelled against Napoleon, played by Youssef Kerkour.

Phil Cornwell played the shrewd diplomat and foreign minister of Napoleon, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord.

One of the three consuls who controlled France with Napoleon was Charles-François Lebrun, 1st Duke of Plaisance, played by Edouard Philipponnat.

During the Napoleonic Wars, Ian McNeice played George III, King of Great Britain and Ireland.

Paul Rhys as Alexander I, the Russian Emperor who was formerly Napoleon’s ally but is now his adversary.

As Napoleon’s chief of staff and devoted friend, John Hollingworth played Louis-Alexandre Berthier.

Gavin Spoke in the role of French marshal Jean Lannes, one of Napoleon’s most capable generals.

Formerly Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, Charles XIV John, King of Sweden and Norway, is portrayed by Mark Bonnar.

Hollywood Releases This Week

Napoleon Director

The director of the Napoleon film is none other than Ridley Scott, a well-known British director and producer of numerous critically acclaimed pictures, including The Martian, Blade Runner, Gladiator, Alien, and All the Money in the World.

Among the specifics regarding Ridley Scott are:

On November 30, 1937, he was born in South Shields, England.

He began to take an interest in movies while studying at the Royal College of Art.

He began his career directing television programs, such as The Duellists and Z Cars.

In 1977, he made his feature film debut with The Duellists, which took home the Cannes Film Festival’s Best Debut Film prize.

His use of moody lighting and sound, meticulous attention to detail, and visual style are well-recognized.

He is a four-time Academy Award nominee for Best Director, having worked on Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, The Martian, and Thelma & Louise.

In addition, he has been awarded the Order of the British Empire, the DGA Lifetime Achievement Award, and the BAFTA Fellowship.

The creator of the film and television production company Scott Free Productions, he has helmed projects such as American Gangster, The Grey, and The Good Wife.

Jordan, Luke, and Jake, his three children, are all filmmakers.


Wish is a fresh Disney animated musical that narrates the wishing star’s beginnings. Ariana DeBose plays Asha in the film, a young woman who wishes upon a star and receives a more direct response than she anticipated as a restless star falls from the sky to be with her. Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, both from the Frozen crew, are the film’s directors. November 22, 2023, is when the film is scheduled to open in theaters.

Hollywood Releases This Week

Wish Cast

The following actors appear in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ animated musical fantasy film Wish Hollywood:

Ariana DeBose plays Asha, a 17-year-old girl whose request is granted by Star, a celestial entity. American actress, singer, and dancer DeBose has starred in Broadway musicals like West Side Story, Hamilton, and Summer: The Donna Summer Musical. In addition, she acted in the upcoming West Side Story remake and the Prom movie.

Chris Pine plays Asha’s romantic interest, Prince Leo, the charming and daring heir to Rosas’s crown. Pine, an American actor, gained notoriety for his portrayals of Outlaw King’s Robert the Bruce, Wonder Woman’s Steve Trevor, and Star Trek’s James T. Kirk. In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, he portrayed Peter Parker/Spider-Man Noir, and in Rise of the Guardians, he played Jack Frost.

Star, the celestial entity that fulfills Asha’s request and directs her on her trip, is portrayed by Alan Tudyk. American comedian, actor, and voice actor Tudyk has portrayed a number of characters in Disney animated films, including Iago in Aladdin, Duke of Weselton in Frozen, Heihei in Moana, and King Candy in Wreck-It Ralph. In addition, he portrayed Wash in Firefly and Serenity and K-2SO in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Luna, Asha’s closest friend and confidante, is a gifted singer and dancer played by Angelique Cabral. American actress Cabral has acted in TV series like Undone, Life in Pieces, and Enlisted. She also provided the voices of Margot in The Loud House and Maria Posada in The Book of Life.

Victor Garber plays Rosas’ monarch, King Magnifico, who uses sorcery to fulfill the aspirations of his subjects. Actor and singer Garber is Canadian-American. He has acted in movies like Milk, Argo, and Titanic. In the Arrowverse, he portrayed Martin Stein/Firestorm as well as Jesus in Godspell, alongside Jack Bristow in Alias.

Natasha Rothwell plays Queen Amaya, the mother of Prince Leo and the spouse of King Magnifico. Prince Leo is a kind and knowledgeable leader. American actress, writer, and comedian Rothwell is a supervising producer on Insecure in addition to being a co-star. She also starred in movies including Sonic the Hedgehog, Wonder Woman 1984, Love, and Simon.

Hollywood Releases This Week

Jennifer Kumiyama plays Zara, a little child with a physical impairment who uses a wheelchair and is one of Asha’s friends and admirers. The Who’s Tommy included American singer and actress Kumiyama, who made history as the first wheelchair-bound performer to grace a Broadway stage. She also made an appearance in the documentary Cinem Ability: The Art of Inclusion and participated in the Miss Wheelchair California pageant.

Harvey Guillen plays Rico, a young child who is an expert mechanic and inventor and one of Asha’s friends and admirers. American actor and producer Guillen is well-known for his performance in the film What We Do in the Shadows as Guillermo. Additionally, he starred in movies including Status Update, The Internship, and Thunder Force

Evan Peters plays Rocco, a cheeky and disobedient street kid who makes friends with Asha and Leo and harbors feelings for Luna. American actor Peters is well-known for his parts as American Horror Story’s different characters and the X-Men movie series’ Quicksilver. In Wanda Vision, he played Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff’s brother, as Ralph Bohner. In the upcoming film Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, he played Jeffrey Dahmer.

Ramy Youssef plays Khalil, a helpful and giving businessman who secretly harbors feelings for Zara and assists Asha and her friends. Actor, comedian, and writer Youssef is Egyptian-American. He is the creator and star of the comedy series Ramy, for which he received a Golden Globe Award. Additionally, he starred in movies including See You Yesterday, Don’t Worry, and He Won’t Get Far on Foot.

Jon Rudnitsky plays Marco, Prince Leo’s obedient and valiant guardian who goes on adventures with him. American actor and comedian Rudnitsky appeared on Saturday Night Live as a cast member in 2015 and 2016. He also starred in the television shows Catch-22 and the movie Home Again.

Hollywood Releases This Week

Wish Director

Chris Buck, who co-directed the film with Fawn Veerasunthorn, is the director of the Wish movie. American animator and director Buck has contributed to numerous Disney animated features, including Frozen, Tarzan, and Frozen II. Thai-American storyboard artist and animator Fawn Veerasunthorn has also contributed to Disney movies like Raya and the Last Dragon, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Zootopia.

Among the specifics on Chris Buck are:

He was born in Wichita, Kansas on February 24, 1958.

At the California Institute of the Arts, where he studied character animation, Disney greats like Glen Keane and Eric Larson served as his mentors.

Working on movies including The Little Mermaid, The Rescuers Down Under, and The Fox and the Hound, he began his career with Disney as an animator.

In 1991, he quit Disney to take a director and supervising animator position at Pixar and Sony Pictures Animation, among other firms. Surf’s Up, which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature, was directed by him.

In 2008, he rejoined Disney as co-director of Frozen alongside Jennifer Lee. The film went on to become the highest-grossing animated picture ever made and was nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Animated Feature. In addition, he co-directed Frozen II, the sequel that broke the box office record for the first movie.

Ryder, Woody, and Reed are his three boys. He is wed to painter and sculptor Shelley Rae Hinton. In honor of his son Ryder, who passed away in a vehicle accident in 2013, Buck dedicated Frozen II.

The following are some specifics regarding Fawn Veerasunthorn:

she was born on June 6, 1983, in Bangkok, Thailand.

At the age of fifteen, she relocated to the United States and enrolled in the Rhode Island School of Design, specializing in illustration.

As a visual development artist, she began working at Disney in 2006, contributing to movies like Tangled, Winnie the Pooh, and Bolt.

In 2012, she started her career as a storyboard artist, contributing to movies like Moana, Big Hero 6, and Wreck-It Ralph.

Ralph Breaks the Internet, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, has her as head of story. She contributed to Raya and the Last Dragon as a story illustrator as well.

She is not only the first Asian-American director of a Disney animated feature picture but also the first female director of one.

The Brazilian-Japanese animator and director Leo Matsuda, who also works at Disney, is her husband. they have a daughter, named Lila.

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