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Must-See Web Series: Starting with our recent article, we are excited to offer our perspectives on the newly released web series titled “Shehar Lakhot.” With its engaging mix of drama, mystery, and action, this series promises to provide viewers with a full entertainment sensation. We invite you to read the entire article to have a complete idea of what this web series represents.

The brilliant cast of “Shehar Lakhot” gives an outstanding performance that gives the plot additional shading and intensity. We encourage you to watch the teaser that is included in the article to receive a preview of the upcoming series. We really appreciate your reviews and comments, so please take a moment to leave a comment.

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Must-See Web Series

Shehar Lakhot

Shehar Lakhot is a web series streaming on Amazon Prime Video. It is written and directed by Navdeep Singh and produced under the banner of Offroad Films. Starring Kubbra Sait, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Shruthy Menon, and Priyanshu Painyuli. The main character of the story is a man who, ten years after leaving his hometown, has to face his past. Eight episodes make up the first season, which debuted on Amazon Prime Video on November 30, 2023.

Shehar Lakhot Cast

Here is the complete list of the cast and crew of Shehar Lakhot:

Priyanshu Painyuli as Dev Tomar.

Chandan Roy Sanyal as Kairav.

Kubbra Sait as Pallavi Raj.

Manu Rishi Chadha as Rajbir Rangot.

Shruthy Menon as Sandhya.

Chandan Roy as Vikas Kachdaar.

Shruti Jolly as Vidushi Tomar.

Abhilash Thapliyal as Antariksh Tyagi.

Gyan Prakash as Rajendra Singh Tomar.

Gaurav Kothari as Sunil Mahajan.

Rishi Mehta as Ranga Singh.

Mohit Verma as Monty.

Lavina Sadhwani as Pinky.

Vikas Bhakri as RP Singh.

Rohan Singh as Gajendra.

Dipesh Rohilla as Karim Khan.

Mudassar Ali as Jamal Khan.

Bhaskar Bharti as Bank Manager.

Col Bhaskar Bharti as Bank Manager.

Navdeep Singh Tomar as Sanju Yadav.

Ashok Vyas as Head Constable Jhunjhur Singh.

Ankit Bhardwaj as TP SINGH.

Kashyap Harsha Shangari as Jayendra Singh Tomar.

The teaser engages audiences in a world of betrayal, lies, secrets, and challenges where strategy, politics, murder, blackmail, and dishonesty are the primary factors of a foul and cruel game of life. Love appears to be little more than romantic fiction in this place. The prodigal son feels obliged to return to his hometown, the made-up town of Lakhot. There, he has to face his past and unexpectedly get involved in a deadly game, while the city itself turns into a dangerous battle for powerful people, each of whom has a secret objective.

Must-See Web Series

Must-See Web Series: Shehar Lakhot Plot

The main character of the story is a man by the name of Dev Tomar, played by Priyanshu Painyuli, who, ten years later, returns to his village and must face his past. The mythical town of Lakhot, which has the potential for significant growth, serves as the setting for the Ott series. The story centers around blackmail, politics, murder, love, and family relationships. As a go-between for mobster R.P. Singh, Dev was sent to Lakhot to assist Singh’s client, Centre Marbles, which is locally owned by Sunil Mahajan. Kairav sends his people, the twin siblings Bhi and Bho, to investigate the blackmailing of Sunil by certain guys.

Rajbir Rangot, the local SHO, is a corrupt cop who works for anyone who takes care of him. The case of a dead foreigner whose body turned up at a building site falls to SI Pallavi Raj, who appears to be the only honest officer in her station.

Due to his gambling addiction, Jay owes a significant amount of money, and it turns out that he is one of the blackmailers. But everything goes extremely wrong and Dev ends up in the hands of Bhi and Bho.

Upon discovering that Dev is, in fact, on Kairav’s side, he is eventually told to go back to his boss because Vikas’s problem is being taken care of.

Dev has no choice but to leave until he recovers the stolen car belonging to his boss. At a neighborhood tavern, he spots Vikas and witnesses him with another man. To get the pictures, he goes to see his friend Antariksh, but before he can, Rajbir arrests Vikas, and Dev decides not to use them.

Rajbir is collaborating with the local MLA, Bhenno, who has a rivalry with Kairav. Though Kairav and Bhenno have different reasons, they both want Vikas to put a stop to the protest.

When Jay is found dead in his car, Dev is taken into custody as the main suspect. After being released on bond, he and Vidushi start investigating his brother’s life. That is all, folks. If you want to get full entertainment, then you must watch this complete web series on Amazon Prime Videos.

Must-See Web Series

Shehar Lakhot Director

Navdeep Singh is the director of Shehar Lakhot. Under the banner of Offroad Films, he has produced the series as well as writing it.

He directed a number of highly appreciated web series and films. Here is a selection of his notable masterpieces:

Manorama Six Feet Under: A thriller a new genre that came out in 2007. Starring in the film are Raima Sen, Gul Panag, and Abhay Deol.

NH10: A thriller crime movie that came out in 2015. Darshan Kumar, Neil Bhoopalam, and Anushka Sharma feature in the film.

Laal Kaptaan: A 2019 Western film about revenge. Manav Vij, Zoya Hussain, and Saif Ali Khan are the film’s main stars.

Gangstars: A 2018 web series that combines crime and drama. Jagapati Babu, Navdeep, and Swetha Basu Prasad are the show’s main stars.

Must-See Web Series

Ratings & Reviews

In his DNA review, Abhimanyu Mathur rated the show two stars out of five. Deepa Gahlot gave the series a 2.5 out of 5 star rating on

In his Times Now review, Subhash K. Jha rated the series three stars out of five.

The series received a 3.0/5 rating from Times of India. In their review, they say that Shehar Lakhot may not be as innovative as Navdeep Singh’s earlier film, ‘NH10,’ but it is still worth seeing for fans of brutal crime dramas.

Must-See Web Series

Navdeep Singh’s Experience & Opinion

Shehar Lakhot is a multilayered and nuanced dark crime drama that takes viewers through an adventure of betrayal, twists, and secrets involving human emotions.” “The series is a matter of love, brought to life by the fantastic performances of the cast, who accepted the strangeness and added their own unique flair to it,” he continued. “It is told through the multi-colored lens of the interesting characters that reside in the city of Lakhot.

The series’ action-packed, suspenseful trailer highlights its push toward the black-comedy genre by combining a lot of dark and horrific themes with a twisted sense of humor. It also presents some truly violent events in a disturbingly amusing way. But this also has a general awareness, a sense of realism, and a depressing quality that are typical of a new genre elements.

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