Night Swim Horror

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Hollywood Upcoming Supernatural Horror Movie

Night Swim Horror: In today’s article, we unveil the highly anticipated Hollywood Supernatural Horror Movie titled “Night Swim.” With Kerry Condon and Wyatt Russell in leading roles, this film masterpiece guarantees an unmatched viewing experience. The story focuses on a suburban family whose perfect life is turned upside down when they find an unusual thing in their backyard swimming pool.

This evil spirit sets the atmosphere for an engaging story by demanding a sacrifice in return for healing. Explore all of the important details of this amazing film in our in-depth article to get a deeper understanding of its details. Remember to leave your comments and reviews on this article. Make sure to follow us on Google News for the most recent happenings in the entertainment industry.

Night Swim Horror

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Night Swim

Night Swim is a supernatural horror film from 2024 that originated in the United States. Bryce McGuire wrote and directed the film, which is based on a short film of the same name from 2014 by McGuire and Rod Blackhurst. Kerry Condon and Wyatt Russell are in the major cast. The story revolves around a suburban family who make a chilling discovery that their backyard swimming pool is haunted by a malevolent entity, which demands a sacrifice in return for healing.

The production of the film was overseen by Jason Blum and James Wan, who are associated with Blumhouse Productions and Atomic Monster respectively. Universal Pictures will soon release the film in India. Although the film received mixed reviews from critics, it managed to gross $30 million worldwide.

Night Swim Horror

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Night Swim Horror: Night Swim Cast

The cast and their details of Night Swim, a 2024 horror film, are as follows:

Wyatt Russell as Ray Waller: After concluding his career as a professional baseball player, a man with health complications settles his family into a more permanent residence. Subsequently, Ray finds himself unexpectedly plagued by the presence of a malevolent entity. Russell, is recognized for his performances in various productions such as 22 Jump Street, Everybody Wants Some!!, Overlord, Under the Banner of Heaven, and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, is commendable for his diverse range of roles.

Kerry Condon as Eve Waller: Ray’s spouse discovers the sinister past of their recently acquired residence. Eve expresses concern regarding Ray’s psychological well-being. Condon has gained recognition for her performances in Rome, Better Call Saul, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ray Donovan, and The Banshees of Inisherin.

Night Swim Horror

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Amelie Hoeferle as Izzy Waller: Ray and Eve’s eldest child. She is content with the idea of finally finding a permanent home. Izzy valiantly protects her family using a baseball bat amidst a thrilling attack scene. Hoeferle gained recognition for her portrayal in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.

Gavin Warren as Elliot Waller: Warren, the younger child of Ray and Eve, possesses an inquisitive nature towards the pool and the enigmatic creature dwelling within it. Notably, Warren gained recognition for his portrayal in the renowned film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Jodi Long as Kay: Long is renowned for her performances in various films and television shows, such as The Hot Chick, Beginners, Sullivan & Son, and Ratched. Additionally, she also happens to be the neighbor of the Wallers, who unveils the sorrowful past of both the house and the pool.

Night Swim Horror

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Eddie Martinez as Coach: Ray’s previous coach and close companion pays a visit to the Wallers, aiming to assist Ray in managing his condition. Martinez, renowned for his performances in Narcos, Orange Is the New Black, The Blacklist, and The Stand, extends his support to Ray.

Elijah J. Roberts as Ronin: Izzy’s companion, who accompanies her to a pool gathering, becomes an eyewitness to a dreadful incident. Roberts is renowned for his portrayal in The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Ben Sinclair as Pool Tech: The Wallers’ pool is inspected by a pool technician, who comes across an unusual substance in the water and promptly alerts them about it. Sinclair, renowned for his performances in Sisters, Home Again, and High Maintenance, is the individual responsible for this task.

Ellie Araiza as Angel: Ray is approached by an enigmatic lady who emerges from the pool. This woman asserts herself as a healer and proposes a proposition to Ray. Araiza, renowned for her performances in The Shield, The Mentalist, and Animal Kingdom, is the actress portraying this character.

Night Swim Plot

The plot of Night Swim, a 2024 horror film, is as follows:

The Waller family relocates to a new residence that boasts a pool supplied by a natural spring. Ray, the father, utilizes the pool for therapeutic purposes due to his degenerative illness. Miraculously, he begins to witness signs of recovery. However, his wife Eve, along with their children Izzy and Elliot, encounter peculiar and horrifying occurrences within the pool.

Eve becomes acquainted with Kay, a previous owner of the house, who reveals the pool’s ominous past. It is inhabited by a supernatural entity that demands a sacrifice in return for granting healing abilities. Kay herself had sacrificed her daughter Rebecca to the pool in order to save her son Tommy from a terminal illness. Eve gradually comprehends that the pool is responsible for Ray’s healing, but it necessitates the sacrifice of one of their own children.

Night Swim Horror

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Ray’s fixation on the pool becomes all-consuming, causing him to refuse to leave the confines of his home. In the midst of his obsession, a mysterious woman named Angel pays him a visit. She claims to possess healing powers and proposes a tempting offer to Ray. In exchange for his soul and his family, Angel promises him eternal life and good health. Overwhelmed by the allure of this proposition, Ray agrees to the deal. However, Eve steps in and attempts to prevent him from sealing this dangerous pact.

Eve, Izzy, and Elliot find themselves under attack from Ray and the menacing creature lurking within the pool. Despite the perilous situation, they manage to escape and seek refuge at Kay’s house. To their surprise, they encounter Tommy, who has aged significantly. Tommy reveals his deep regret over his mother’s decision and shares that he has been tormented by the ghost of Rebecca ever since. He explains that the only way to break the curse is to eliminate the pool and its source, the spring.

Eve and her children arrive back at the residence accompanied by Tommy and Kay, equipped with explosives and gasoline. They confront Ray and Angel, who attempt to impede their progress. A fierce altercation ensues, resulting in the ignition of the pool. Ray comprehends his error and selflessly sacrifices himself to protect his family.

He forcefully pushes Angel into the pool, where she becomes engulfed by the flames along with the creature. Subsequently, the pool and the spring detonate, obliterating the house and bringing an end to the terrifying ordeal.

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