Sivakarthikeyan SK21

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Sivakarthikeyan SK21 || The Movie is being Co-Produced by Mahendran, Sony Pictures International Productions, and Kamal Haasan.

Sivakarthikeyan SK21: The Popularity of Tamil Actor Sivakarthikeyan‘s most recent movie, Don, which opened in theaters last week, has him living in glory. The movie has received a resoundingly positive reception from viewers, and Superstar Rajinikanth has hailed Sivakarthikeyan’s performance. Even while Don’s admirers are overjoyed by his accomplishment, there is another cause for celebration. The title of Sivakarthikeyan’s 21st movie, which was formerly known as SK21, has been revealed.

Sivakarthikeyan SK21

The newest information is that the title of Rajkumar Periyasamy‘s film SK21, which has already commenced pre-production, would be Maaveeran. In the movie, the actor is expected to play an army officer. The upcoming movie starring Sivakarthikeyan is rumored to be an action drama in which the actor plays a moral army officer.

The Raaj Kamal Films International banner posted a video of the actors and crew at the Pooja ceremony to their social media accounts. Kamal Haasan, the movie’s producer, struck the clapper. The movie is supported by Sony Pictures International Productions in addition to the Raaj Kamal Films International label.

Sivakarthikeyan and Sai Pallavi play prominent roles in the movie, which was written and directed by the Rangoon-famous Rajkumar Periasamy. Along with action director Stefan Richter, editor Kalaivanan R, and costume designer Amrita Ram, SK 21 also features music composer GV Prakash Kumar.

Kamal Haasan takes delight in giving back all of his film industry profits. The actor has been concentrating much more on producing films ever after the success of Vikram, which made more than Rs 300 crore. He previously disclosed a collaboration with Silambarasan for a project with the working title STR48. The actor’s production company Raaj Kamal Films International will now finance Sivakarthikeyan’s 21st film, which has the working title SK21.

Sivakarthikeyan, who has taken a social media hiatus, is waiting for the releases of Ayalaan and Maaveeran this year. The first movie is anticipated to be science fiction, but there are reports that it will heavily rely on special effects. The movie, which is helmed by Ravikumar of Indru Netru Naalai fame, will be released in theaters for Diwali. Sai Pallavi, on the other hand, was last spotted in Gargi.

Maaveeran is set to begin production in July, with several locales across the nation serving as the backdrops for the movie. According to reports, Sivakarthikeyan underwent rigorous training to achieve the toned and fit appearance of an army officer. He is reportedly sporting a fashionable appearance for the movie as well. The female lead is cast as Sai Pallavi. The music for this film will be composed by Harris Jayaraj. Jayaraj’s first project for a Sivakarthikeyan movie will be this.

Sivakarthikeyan SK21

Don, the latest film by Sivakarthikeyan, is performing well at the box office. Within a week of its release, the film was able to earn Rs 70 crore from ticket sales across the globe. Tamil Nadu continues to enjoy the movie well. There, it is operating successfully on roughly 400 screens.

The movie was introduced with a puja ritual by the actors, crew, producer Kamal Haasan, and director Rajkumar Periasamy. The production company of Kamal Haasan has posted pictures and videos from the launch event on Twitter. Kamal Haasan, Sivakarthikeyan, Sai Pallavi, and Rajkumar Periasamy can all be seen posing for the camera in the pictures. Sai Pallavi was seen sporting a white kurta set with a green dupatta, while the veteran actor was dressed in a patterned shirt and brown pants. Sivakarthikeyan chose a brown shirt with a veshti for his traditional attire.

The movie is being co-produced by Mahendran, Sony Pictures International Productions, and Kamal Haasan. The Raaj Kamal Films International Twitter account tweeted a little footage from the pooja ceremony after teasing fans about SK21. “SK21 – the journey begins,” the caption stated. The video begins with a glimpse of Kamal Haasan’s office (Raj Kamal Film International) and then cuts to the main cast and the directors arriving at the location in style.

The big premiere of Sivakarthikeyan’s upcoming movie, tentatively titled SK21, took place in Kamal Haasan’s presence. The cast and crew of the puja ritual, including the director Rajkumar Periasamy, the music director GV Prakash, and the female protagonist Sai Pallavi (which we have already shared with you), are all visible in a video posted by the Raaj Kamal Films International banner.

Fans are eager to find out what SK21 has in store for Sivakarthikeyan and Sai Pallavi as they reunite for the first time. In the first shot of the movie, which was taken today, Kamal Haasan snapped the clapboard. The music for Sivakarthikeyan’s movie will be composed by GV Prakash Kumar, and Amrita Ram, Kamal Haasan’s personal stylist, will design the costumes. Kalaivanan R will serve as the film’s editor. Stefan Richter, known for creating action for Bollywood films like Dishoom, Kick 2, Shivaay, and others, is the movie’s action director.

Sivakarthikeyan SK21

The movie is supposed to be filled with nationalism. Watch out for the combination of Sivakarthikeyan and Sai Pallavi. Filming for the movie will take place in breathtaking locations throughout Kashmir for two months. The army will likely be the setting for the fierce action drama SK21. SK had informed the media that there will be no dance scenes in this movie. The creators will shortly make the remaining cast and crew information public.

Sivakarthikeyan and Sai Pallavi are playing pivotal roles in the film SK21. In the movie, Sivakarthikeyan plays an army major. In Kashmir, the movie is now being filmed. This movie, which was directed by Rajkumar Periyasamy, was made by Kamal Haasan’s Rajkamal International.

Security concerns caused a brief halt in the shooting in Kashmir before it was restarted. However, the filmmaker has informed Kamal Haasan, who plays the lead role, that the film’s actual budget could be up to Rs 20 crore higher. Kamal urged the production executives to record the increased expense in his own account after speaking with them.

Kamal Haasan also instructed the administrators to give the director the freedom to operate alone. The cast is in awe of Kamal Haasan’s willingness to learn about movies and how their budgets can vary among frugal producers. Following movies like STR48, SK21, and Vignesh Sivan’s movie is produced by Kamal.

Sivakarthikeyan SK21

Rajkumar Periasamy will write and direct the new movie, which will star Sivakarthikeyan in the lead role. Kamal Haasan, Sony Pictures Films India (SPFI), the Indian local production arm of Sony Pictures International Productions, and Raaj Kamal Films International (RKFI) made the announcement on January 15, 2020. The film will be made by SPFI, the legendary multi-talented actor Kamal Haasan, R. Mahendran, and God Bless Entertainment.

Sivakarthikeyan SK21: Legendary Kamal Haasan Opinion

According to legendary actor, director, and producer Kamal Haasan, “This story will move, uplift, and inspire the audience in many ways. The power of a well-told story is transforming. In order to bring this riveting story to the big screen, I’m thrilled to be working with Rajkumar Periasamy, Sivakarthikeyan, and Sony Pictures Films India.

Sivakarthikeyan SK21: Sivakarthikeyan Opinion

Sivakarthikeyan, an actor, says of the project, “I’m experiencing a range of emotions.” A master artisan of Indian cinema, Kamal Haasan sir. In actuality, he resides among us and is a global figure. Working on a project for which this enduring legend is the producer is an incredible sensation in and of itself.

Sivakarthikeyan SK21

Once again, Sony Pictures Films India is a recognized global brand with a huge track record of success. I am thrilled to be collaborating with them and it is only because of my friend, the director Rajkumar Periasamy, and his writing that all of this is now possible. I am convinced that this picture will play a significant role in the development of my career. Personally, I am looking forward to and enthusiastic about this movie.

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