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Top 5 Web Series – The Night Agent (10 Episodes)

The Night Agent – Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso) is an FBI agent who is assigned to monitor a low-level phone line in the basement of the White House. When a call comes in, he is thrust into a dangerous conspiracy that leads to the highest levels of government. Peter must use all of his resources and expertise to find the truth since the country’s future is at risk. He learns along the way that good and evil are not always so clear. The Night Agent stars Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland, along with a stellar cast that includes Peter Sarsgaard, Cherry Jones, Megan Ketch, and many more. The series is created and executive produced by John Strickland and produced by UCP.

Top 5 Web Series

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The Night Agent follows Peter as he navigates the dangerous and complex world of espionage, politics, and conspiracy. He encounters other agents, powerful figures, and mystery characters as they all work to sift through a network of secrets and lies. Peter must use all his talents and resources to find the truth since the future of the country is on stake. He learns along the way that good and evil are not always so clear.

Star Cast of “The Night Agent”

  1. Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland
  2. Peter Sarsgaard as Charles Raskin
  3. Cherry Jones as Betty Cramer
  4. Megan Ketch as Allison
  5. Will Ropp as Sam
  6. Alicia Lagano as Demi
  7. Alex Fitzalan as James
  8. Afton Williamson as Toni
  9. Keidrich Sellati as Ryan
  10. Michael Gaston as Bishop
  11. James Carpinello as Larry
  12. Liam James as Young Peter
  13. Christopher Denham as Robert
  14. Tony Plana as Doctor Ortiz
  15. Michael Irby as Carlos
  16. Lynne Ashe as Mrs. Sutherland

Release Date: 23 March 2023

Release on: Netflix

Who Were We Running From? (7 Episodes)

Who were we running from is the mother-daughter team is constantly on the run, and as the story progresses, audiences understand more about her past as well as the special skills that her daughter possesses. The two understand why they were running in the first place as the past’s secrets are exposed.  The show also deals with issues of courage, loyalty, and family.

Top 5 Web Series

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Who were we running from is the show that follows the mother, Vivian, and her daughter, Dani, as they run away from an unseen enemy. Her kid has grown up in this world of secret and mystery while Vivian has been on the run for years. She is forced to rob, cheat, and lie in order to escape their investigators.

As they flee, they come to understand Vivian’s past and the dark secrets that keep them running. Throughout the journey, they encounter a number of individuals that could either be colleagues or enemies. As Dani discovers her special ability, she must decide how to use this newfound power to protect her family. In the end, Vivian and Dani must confront their secrets and ask the inevitable question: Who were they running from?

Star Cast of Who Were We Running From?

The main cast of Who Were We Running From? includes:

  • Vivian – The mother who is on the run and trying to protect her daughter
  • Dani – Vivian’s daughter, who has a special ability
  • Delilah – Vivian’s estranged sister
  • Martin – A mysterious stranger who helps Vivian and Dani
  • Henry – A shady figure who may or may not be an ally
  • Eliza – An elusive figure who may be chasing Vivian and Dani
  • Dr. Danvers – A scientist who is researching Dani’s ability
  • Kate – A police officer who is on the hunt for Vivian and Dani

Release Date: 24 March 2023

Release on: Netflix

My Kind of Country (6 Episodes)

My Kind of Country is a one-hour singing competition series that celebrates the power of music to bring people together. Hosted by country music legend Reba McEntire and featuring an all-star panel of celebrity judges, the series searches the world for the most talented country music performers.

Top 5 Web Series

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The series highlights the lives and experiences of these talented people, showing the capacity of music to promote unity. Reba McEntire, a veteran of country music, performs as host and one of the show’s all-star celebrity judges.

As the competition progresses, the contestants’ personal stories and journeys are revealed, showcasing the power of music to transform lives and bring people together.

The show also features performances from established country music stars, as well as exclusive interviews with the contestants. The judge’s devices feedback to the competitors at every stage of the competition, assisting them in giving their finest performances. One competitor will be named the champion at the end of the series and awarded a recording deal with an important record company.

Star Cast of About My Kind of Country

Reba McEntire performs as the host of the competition show, which features an all-star panel of renowned judges, including

-Kacey Musgraves

-Trisha Yearwood

-Garth Brooks

-Luke Bryan

-Dierks Bentley

-Dustin Lynch

-Kelsea Ballerini

-Thomas Rhett

-Carrie Underwood

-Luke Combs

-Miranda Lambert

-Jason Aldean

-Little Big Town

-Maren Morris

-Chris Stapleton

Release Date: 24 March 2023

Release on: Apple TV

I am Georgina – Season 2 (6 Episodes)

I Am Georgina Season 2  – This season, viewers will get an intimate look at Georgina’s daily routine, from her career as a successful businesswoman to her role as a mother to her four children. The show will also dive into her relationship with Ronaldo and explore the couple’s life as they travel the world, attend events, and manage their careers.

Top 5 Web Series

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I Am Georgina Season 2 will explore the life of Georgina Rodriguez, the current partner of acclaimed footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The show will provide viewers a nearer view of her everyday routines and show how she manages to balance her personal and professional lives.  This season will follow the couple as they travel the world, attend events, and manage their careers. It will also delve into the couple’s relationship and how they manage their family life with four children.

Star Cast of I Am Georgina Season 2

The cast of the second season of I Am Georgina includes Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo, and their four children.

Release Date: 24 March 2023

Release on: Netflix

UP Here (8 Episodes)

Up Here is a romantic comedy series created and written by Mae Whitman and Carlos Valdes. Mae and Carlos, two young lovers, manage their relationship and the challenges that come with it in New York City in 1999 as the story of Mae and Carlos is revealed. Up Here is a love story that also looks at the impact of their memories, passions, fears, and fantasies.

© Provided by YouTube

Up Here follows the couple as they navigate their relationship while exploring the power of love and the complications that come along with it.

Throughout the series, Mae and Carlos explore the complexities of relationships, while learning to trust and rely on one another. In order to create a lasting connection, they must also face their most established desires and beliefs and build honest communication skills.

Up Here stars Mae Whitman and Carlos Valdes, as well as a host of other actors and actresses. David Lowery is the series’ director, and Mae Whitman and Carlos Valdes are the executive producers.

Star Cast of Up Here

Mae Whitman as Mae

Carlos Valdes as Carlos

John Ortiz as Hector

Olivia Luccardi as Julia

Paulina Singer as Cami

Jenna Ushkowitz as Jenny

C.J. Wilson as Tom

Aurora Perrineau as Ruby

Logan Shroyer as Chad

Kathryn Hahn as Gloria

Release Date: 26 March 2023

Release on: Disney Hot Star Plus

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